Alexander Works
With all its demands the Alexander technique is worth every moment it asks for.


"I first studied Alexander Technique in my twenties, but then didn't practice it for over 25 years. I now work as a full time musician and office worker, spending a lot of time sitting, and am plagued by aches and pains associated with tight neck, back and shoulder muscles. I found Beverly's website a few months ago and decided to give Alexander Technique another try.

"Beverly is a great teacher (and very positive person), with a way of explaining the Technique that makes a lot of sense to me. My body feels lighter and more relaxed than I remember it feeling for...well, as long as I can remember. I can't say it has turned me into the perfect musician, but performing in concerts takes less effort and is much more enjoyable than it has ever been. Beverly helped me to see how I habitually misuse my body while playing, and we are gradually working to inhibit those actions. I look forward to the weekly lessons and always come away feeling better than before!"

Brad Howland
Principal Trombone,
Victoria Symphony

"As an eighty-seven year old woman used to being active, my posture was far from straight, due to shoulder replacements and bad knees. After (quite) a few sessions i was able to relax my shoulders and walk straighter. I now get in and out of chairs much more easily and after each visit it improves more. I'm so grateful that Beverley could help me."

Phyl Glover

"I started learning the Alexander Technique to help with chronic back pain, but to my surprise and delight, it turned into a much broader and deeper learning experience. While dispelling long held-myths about posture and movement, I learned how to bring ease and freedom of movement into my daily rituals and habits. Working with Beverley set me on a new trajectory for pain-free movement and decreased low back pain. I have gained a much better sense for how the body works and learned very useful tools and techniques that I expect will contribute to a lifetime of learning how to apply the Alexander Technique."

Laura Cornish
Trained Presenter
An Inconvenient Truth
The Climate Project-Canada

"I've been studying Alexander technique with Beverley Norman for about six months. Beverley is a great teacher with a keen eye. She is helping me to unravel my relationship with my body, and really take a look at how I move through the world. I came to her with regular pain in my back and arms from scoliosis and tendinitis. I am a musician and computer programmer. I use my hands and arms a lot. I now know how I cause my own pain, and what I can do to move in a healthy way that is joyful and supported. The technique demands attention, and it is worth every moment I give to it. Beverley teaches with wonderful awareness, gentleness and focus, and she guides my body with supportive touch. I am able to move through my day without stress or pain. My piano playing has become more graceful.

So Empowering! Thank You!"

Mercury Pekau

"I am a physician. In the fourth decade of my life, I developed recurring episodes of severe lower back pain which triggered an interest and research into the causes and treatment of neck and back problems. During this period I became aware of and had some experience of the teachings of F. Matthias Alexander.

"In the last year, 2007, I developed a persistent, nagging pain in my neck. I could obtain temporary relied from the hands of skilled osteopathic manipulators, but the pain would always return. It became clear that, if I continued to use my body in the same old familiar way, I would re-experience the same old familiar pain. I needed to learn a new way of inhabiting my body. With remembrance of things past, I restarted Alexander training under the personal, focused and skilful tutelage of Beverley Norman.

"It has been and continues to be challenging, effective (in relieving the pain) and an altogether delightful experience. With Beverley’s impeccable sensitivity to guide me, I learn to stand, walk, sit and move in a new way. Using my mind, I reach into every part of my body; my muscles lengthen and relax. My posture becomes balanced and I walk with a chest that expands easily and a lightness that is joyful. As my mind becomes increasingly focused on inner body awareness, much of the usual useless and repetitive chatter is silenced. Peace ensues and a feeling of increased energy and aliveness is developing.

"To echo the aphorism of that wise lady of nineteen thirties cinema, Mae West, 'What matters is not the man in your life, but the life in your man.' "

Derek French M.B.B.S (London),
Diploma in Anaesthesia (England),
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada.

"I am so happy and thankful to Beverley and the Alexander Technique. In a year, I have progressed from upper back pain so severe it was difficult at times to breathe or talk, to an ease in moving and being. Using the Technique, I have rediscovered and awakened my joys of using my body, including an invigorated sex life."

Name Withheld, RN, BSN, Retired

"Beverley is an extremely caring person who goes the extra mile to identify the root causes of my aches and pains and to work patiently with me on the corrective actions. By enabling incremental improvements, I now have more good days than bad days and she has given me hope for a pain-free future."

Bert Zethof MBA, CMC

"Beverley Norman and the Alexander Technique are the best thing to happen to my body in 24 years! In six lessons, I was relieved of chronic neck and back pain that had plagued me since my youth. I had tried many different treatment methods over the years in an effort to correct various maladies associated with sports injuries and car accidents. Years of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy treatments, weight lifting, hydrotherapy and many other methods had never improved my situation.

"My entire spine was misaligned, my posture was terrible and one breast had appeared to be much larger than the other for at least 12 years. The constant fatigue and chronic pain had taken their toll on me and I decided once and for all that something had to change. I'd been hearing about the Alexander Technique off and on for a number of years and had always been intrigued by the method; it's simplicity is divine.

"My investigation of teacher/practitioners in my vicinity resulted in a number of possibilities. From the instant I heard her voice on the telephone, it was clear to me that I had found the right person to show me the Alexander Technique. Beverley's gentle nature makes her wonderfully equipped to facilitate complete skeletal rebalancing completely within reach.

"The day after my first lesson, I was able to self-adjust my entire spine in one extremely stress relieving yoga pose. The energy release was phenomenal. Years of physical trauma had been stored in my body and the physical release also let go of the related emotional and spiritual aspects of the pain (I'll tell you more about this later). My entire spine was all of a sudden aligned, my posture was excellent and my breasts looked like a matched pair for the first time in over 10 years!

"As I write , it's been four months since I've seen Beverley and I still feel better than I have in over two decades!! Since my last lesson, I have returned unscathed from an alpine adventure with 11 amazing women and a 50 pound pack. I was able to complete this physical challenge thanks to Beverley's gentle guidance and direction in the subtleties of the Alexander Technique. My body was, and remains, readily able to complete the challenge and I remain relatively pain-free all the time!!!

"I've still got a lot of work to do on core stability. Old habits die hard "isn't so cliche after all. But I'm certain that with Beverley's continued instruction in the essence of the Alexander Technique, I am sure to continue to progress to a stable solid physical being.

"Thank you Beverley; your presence in my life is truly a blessing!"

Rev. Jodi Williams BA BMSc