Alexander Works
With all its demands the Alexander technique is worth every moment it asks for.

The Un-Extreme Makeover

For an UN-Extreme Makeover, take Alexander Lessons

"Our bodies are perfectly, exquisitely designed,"says Alexander Technique teacher Beverley Norman. "My job as a teacher is to help people learn to let go of what is interfering with that perfect design so that the right thing can 'do itself.' " In a series of one-on-one 45-minute sessions, Beverley first gently helps people tweak a key reflex involving the balance of the head in relation to the neck and back. When that reflex is working well, muscle tone and balance throughout the body improve.

Bev McWatt
Beverley Norman

"A feeling of lightness is a hallmark of the technique," Beverley says. "Reflexes can do effortlessly what we otherwise spend a lot of energy on, and that is so freeing! People get such a sense of freedom and ease."

That’s because the Alexander Technique affects the body and mind together. Physical, emotional, mental tension: it’s all the same!

"We don’t just deal with the sore back, for example," Beverley says. "We work on the coordination of the head-neck-back and the back muscles respond along with the entire body. Even your thinking is sharpened. What I’m saying is, this is a total makeover—an un-extreme makeover"

Beyond pain management and generating a feeling of well-being, Alexander Technique also provides remarkable results for performance of all kinds: sports, music, fine motor skills and even office work. "Many people, musicians, painters and hairdressers, have to work with their arms extended, unsupported," Beverley says. "We crouch at our computers for hours, dentists and hygienists are bent over their patients. Repetitive mis-use over time pulls us out of shape. And we hold onto that shape because we never fully let go of that tension."

The Alexander Technique brings awareness to what we are doing so we can break the automatic chain that holds the tension. Functioning improves throughout the entire body/mind system—often in unexpected ways. For instance, some of her students have even noticed their blood pressure has gone down because their muscles no longer constrict their arteries and veins. Whether you want to reduce pain, improve performance, or transform your personal life, Alexander Technique can help.

Call Beverley today for your appointment. Be ready to welcome an energizing change. Feel younger, feel lighter, feel alive!